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I was invited by Department of Architecture Parahyangan Catholic University to speak about ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Architectural Services (MRA) on behalf of ARCHINESIA.

One thing I realize about this issue is that not everyone—architecture students, even in big city and from well-known institution—has already known about what may comes in 2015 (ASEAN Economic Community).

It is always good to share about this in order to create awareness among architecture students. Like I ever said before, we may be a ‘victim’ of globalization, but it is always better to be late to know, than never.


Event: Interarch - Interaction between ASEAN Architects

Location: Blitzmegaplex Paris Van Java, Bandung

Time: Thursday, October 16, 2014

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Event: World Architecture Festival 2014

Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Time: October 1-3, 2014

And We have placed within the heaven great stars and have beautified it for the observers.
Al-Hijr: 16

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