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list of book i am willing to read during my 9-day eid ul fitr holiday (bottom - up):

1/ my sister’s book whose i want to read badly since several months ago. dunno exactly about the main idea of this book, but everybody’s kept talking about this, so…

2 & 3/ my dad just bought these books today for me because we watched the films yesterday.

4/ my brother’s book about how a “fundamentalist Moslem kyai” respond to secularism-pluralism-liberalism in humorous settings.

5/ my friend’s book whose i read since April and haven’t finished yet. about history of the world from the perspective of so-called Mystery school/world

6/ my dad’s book about the symbols of illuminati in Saudi Arabia

7/ my bro’s book whose i took randomly from his bookshelf

Human beings are the only creatures on Earth that claim a God. And the only living thing that behaves like it hasn’t got one. Does the world belong to no one but you?
Al Qur’an itu proses evolusi spiritual manusia dari Al Baqarah (sapi betina/jiwa ternak) hingga mencapai An Naas (manusia/khalifah).
Windu Yuga
Comment of friend of my Facebook friend whom I saw in my Facebook friend’s status update this morning.

I start my interest in Golden Proportion since the first time I read about it in my first year in architecture school. Besides its mathematical explanation —who doesn’t know the famous 1,6 number for ideal and balance measurement?— of the Proportion, I always feel there is something cosmical behind it. When I had a chance to discuss about this Proportion with a Deutsch-educated sculptor, he said, “I just heard about that.” Well, today, I found something that slowly reveal my thought. Here what I found in the book of “The Secret History of the World”.


Reams of mathematical calculations have not come down to us from ancient Egypt, but their understanding of higher mathematics has survived in Egyptian art. For example, the eye of Horus was often represented as the udja eye, which we know is made up of a number of hieroglyphs representing fractions, which add up to a total of 63/64. If you reverse this and divide 64 by 63, you come up with what has been called the greatest secret of the Egyptians, a number called the comma of Phytagoras.

Highly complex numbers like the Comma of Phytagoras, Pi, and Phi (sometimes called the Golden Proportion) are known as irrational numbers. They lie deep in the structure of the physical universe, and were seen by the Egyptians as the principles controlling creation, the principles by which matter is precipitated from the cosmic mind.

Today scientists recognize that the Comma of Phytagoras, Pi and the Golden Proportion, as well as the closely related Fibonacci sequence, are universal constants that describe complex patterns in astronomy, music and physics. For example, the Fibonacci sequence is a series in which each number is the sum of the two preceding it. Spirals are built up according to this sequence. It is rampant in nature in the spirals of galaxies, the shape of ammonites and the arrangement of leaves on a stem.

To the Egyptians these numbers were also the secret harmonies of the cosmos, and they incorporated them, as rhythms and proportions, in the construction of their pyramid and temples. A building made in this way would be ideal. A hall, a doorway, a window which had the Golden Proportion built into it, would be ineffably pleasing to the human spirit.

Black, Jonathan. The Secret History of the World. London: Quercus, 2010. Print.


So, it is more than just numbers?

Officer: You are free to choose, Madam. Your husband and children, or your country.

Aung San Suu Kyi: Now, what kind of freedom is that?