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From now on, I am starting to share the result of fun quizzes I took lately. In order to remember how internet think I am :)) 


Ada bangsa-bangsa yang “berkebudayaan intens” dan ada yang bukan. Ada bangsa yang sukses dengan cepat di bidang ekonomi lantaran tahan merangkak dari bawah secara habis-habisan, ada bangsa yang senyum-senyum, nyanyi-nyanyi, dan akhirnya gelagapan.
Lee Kuan Yew
diceritakan kembali oleh Goenawan Mohamad dalam “Di Singapura” (Catatan Pinggir, 1982)
Since the day of Galileo, this Church has tried to slow the relentless march of progress, sometimes with misguided means. But science and religion are not enemies. There are simply some things that science is too young to understand. So the Church pleads, “Stop. Slow down. Think. Wait.” And for this they call us backward. But who is more ignorant, the man who cannot define lightning or the man who does not respect its natural awesome power?

Camerlengo Patrick McKenna

on Angels and Demons (2009)

people who did something contradictory with his/her own words is not worth to gain our trust.
Kontinyuitas itu juga terlihat pada para petani Bali, yang pandai membangun rumah tahan gempa — karena mereka, berbeda dengan para arsitek yang baru lulus, kenal betul akan bumi mereka. Berabad-abad.
Goenawan Mohamad
dalam Kontinyuitas (Catatan Pinggir 1, 1982)
if we live in a rapid-target and profit oriented-ambitious world, the only ‘rest area’ we can lean our back on is our family.